Introducing: The Bad Minimalist.


If you have stumbled upon my blog, it is probably because you typed something wrong into the Google search engine, or you are my mom and have taken it upon yourself to stalk me online. If you are my mom, hey!

I am a late twenty-something year old, middle class female from Oregon. My blog is a collection of mishaps, musings, and lessons, intended to inspire a more meaningful and intentional lifestyle. I am on a journey to shed my life and my mind of stuff that does not enhance growth.

I hope my blog can be helpful to the average human, because I am as ordinary and basic as they come in America with a house in the suburbs that looks similar to every other one on the block, a boring desk job working for the government, and the fact that I look like every other white-skinned, blue-eyed, blonde-haired person.


I found minimalism the way most millennials find anything: the internet. I started off probably reading some post about a recipe for Thai curry and ended up stumbling down a rabbit hole of blogs about how purging all your belongings leads to a life full of enlightenment. I, of course, thought the idea was “woo woo”, yet I still kept on reading. The more I read about being content with owning less, the more intrigued I became. My house was curated with things that made me either feel important, were to help inspire me to be more important, or that carried memories that I thought were important. I had not recognized that letting my possessions define me was directly correlated to my feelings of inadequacy.

My whole life I have wasted time comparing myself to others. Striving so hard to be liked that I forgo my actual opinions and preferences to please the masses in hopes that I will feel loved. Instead of standing firm in my beliefs, I neutralize them so that I can blend in with whoever I am with, taking their thoughts and wants as my own; molding to their opinions like jello molds to whatever container it is placed in. There were days when I could not remember what I actually liked or what I personally valued.

Learning about minimalism forced me to reckon with the fact that I really have no idea who I am, and what my needs, wants, and values are. Minimalism for me is a journey to shed the stuff that does not matter and the mask(s) I have been hiding behind to reveal the naked truth and to live a life that is meaningful and real. This journey is bound to be  full of mistakes, cluster-fucks, poor decisions, but also hopefully inspiration and growth. Please join me as a document my life as a bad minimalist.

2 thoughts on “Introducing: The Bad Minimalist.”

  1. Hey, this is totally weird, but I’m ALSO The Bad Minimalist, and I’m ALSO in Oregon (what are the chances!?) but I’m on YouTube. I just happened across your blog because I was 90% certain that I forgot that I made one, but was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was somebody else! It’s been a real joy reading through your posts and seeing how your journey has progressed in less than a year. Cheers, fellow Bad Minimalist! I hope to see more posts from you in the future. 🙂


    1. Wow! You are right. What are the chances of two bad Oregonian minimalists? I will definitely check out your posts. Thank you so much for reading mine. Cheers!


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